Thursday, March 21, 2013

my very favorite hand cream

is my very favorite
in the whole wide world.
anything remotely close 
{even similar shea butter cream from anthropologie}
is always second-best.

it is made in france by
i discovered it in the fall of 2011
at plaza design in arcata,
which, sadly, is closing its doors.

i also love the linden soap and solid perfume.
though all three are linden,
each one smells slightly different.
the hand cream scent is more "honey-ed"
and i like it the most.

the solid perfume actually reminds me of this
note: while i love the scent,
it's a little too stiff/waxy for me to really recommend.
maybe it will soften up in the summer.

i buy mine from jennyK.
it is a funny coincidence that jen used to live in arcata.
both humboldt county specialties.
jennyK is a real storefront in el cerrito.

 side note about the scent:
in the late spring, the linden trees
in and around my neighborhood
are in full bloom.
the bees go bananas and it smells
almost tropical.


Anastasia Egorova said...

I just treated myself with these!

catie said...

anastasia, i hope you love them!!

emily eyer-ryder said...

perfect blog post :)

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