Tuesday, March 26, 2013

spring break staycation

that's right,
while some folks are headed to disneyland,
we're staying home for spring break.

we're building a two-room fort
{it has two rooms!}

we're making a grass & dirt appetizer
served in a snail shell with a twig straw

we're going to the movies
{um, i dropped the kids at the movies & i ran nearby errands}

we're thinking about tackling
the chronicles of naria
{all 7 books = 31 cds!}

what are your spring break plans?


Emily said...

We are staying home this year too. The boys are relaxing and hanging with friends. I've been sewing. Yes, me sewing!

emily eyer-ryder said...

I want forts! and grassy snail snacks :(

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