Wednesday, March 27, 2013

♥ picnic basket ♥

this is my grandma's metal picnic basket
i keep it up high in my kitchen,
where i see it all the time.
i think she used to keep it up high
in her kitchen, as well.

i'm doing some serious spring cleaning up there,
so i brought it down to dust.

do you want to see what's inside?

my grandpa & grandma, my mom's parents,
forrest & catherine

my grandma had the most amazing collection
of costume jewelry.
lots of old pieces that i think she kept
specifically for her granddaughters to play with.

lots of embroidered linens
{all are family-made, many by my great-grandma}
and a few of my grandma's
collection of saccharine boxes.
this one looks like an antique phone
they each have their own tiny tongs inside

my grandpa's rain gauge {how he loved weather},
his leather case that he carried on his mail route,
and just one
of his beautiful, handmade baby booties

and this little print
that used to hang on their refrigerator


Pam said...

these are treasures. those saccharine boxes are beautiful! i used to love going to my nana's attic.

Emily said...

I would spend hours going through my Mimi's home as a kid. It never got old. This box is filled with the sorts of things I love! And the metal picnic basket is so darn cute!

Anastasia Egorova said...

Darling treasures...
.It's intresting - what that phrase about the berry should mean?..

catie said...

anastasia ~ i think that phrase is sort of a play on words - tricky even if you are fluent in english...
my kids wanted me to explain it, too.
doubtless means certainly.
it means that if god had wanted to make a better berry, he could have.
but he didn't.
so it ultimately means that the strawberry is the best berry ever created.
hope that helps ; )

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