Monday, March 25, 2013

vegetarian corn & potato chowder

yesterday, i made chowder.
{with veggie bacon crumbled on top}
from etsy seller highteawithalicejoyce.

it was so incredibly delicious.
a genuine, bona fide, authentic chowder.
everyone loved it.
marian said that when she goes away to college,
this is the soup she wants me to make
when she comes home.

we had some today for lunch,
and there are still plenty of leftovers.

alice is a retired home economics teacher
with a seemingly endless catalog of recipes,
each one a dollar.

now, i can't give you the recipe,
but you can buy it here.
{it's just a dollar!}
it will come as a full paper size photocopy
of alice's handwritten recipe.

i will give you a sneak peek...
it starts with a crock pot full of cubed potato
and there's a step where the broth is removed
and "chowder-ized" on the stove.

i adapted alice's recipe just a little
to make it vegetarian and gluten-free:
1. i used only vegetable broth
2. i used gluten-free flour
3. i used veggie bacon on top
{for those of us who aren't avoiding wheat}

it does contain butter, cheese, and milk.
i suppose you could substitute those, as well.

i have a few more recipes from alice
that i will review as i make them.
if the first recipe was any indication,
they should be delicious.


Emily said...

Just so happens, I found her etsy site the other day too and favorited her. I was intrigued that she is making money selling recipes for only a dollar! Her food looks good! Glad to know you supported her and that her food was as good as it looks.

Pam said...

good for her selling her recipes for a dollar! everyone needs to make a buck right? and that chowda looks yum. wish i packed my crock pot with me. and i LOVE what marian said. :)

catie said...

pam, maybe you already are a chowda pro, but i think you could make this recipe in your le creuset.

emily, i have 4 more of her recipes to try: a slaw, a relish, a lasagna, and another soup. i'll keep you posted! alice is a sweetheart.

Dawn said...

well I never bought a recipe for a dollar, but I will now!! I love this idea and this chowder sounds delish!!

Anonymous said...

Thank you! What a clever idea and I am always looking for new recipes....isn't everyone?

emily eyer-ryder said...

yummmmmmm. making this next week!!

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