Sunday, July 14, 2013

fourteen years ago...

at marian's birth,
missy was right there with me.
midwife linda, missy, midwife barbara {at the window}, emily

between us, we've birthed 5 babies,
but this was the only birth we both attended.

she arrived early,
just as i was having another contraction,
and my water broke the moment
she walked through my bedroom door.

she took amazing photos.
she held {and dropped} the mirror.
she smiled sweetly at me.

then, after marian was born,
she clanked around in my kitchen,
canning cherries.


gretchen said...

What a special memory to share with your dear friend. That pic of Emily with her precious grin is amazing!!

martha said...

yes how very dear is that?

Emily said...

a wonderful memory.......

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