Friday, July 5, 2013

mallorcan mojito, the world's best

this mojito
is trying it's level best
to be this mojito
 served in this bar
on the rocks above the mediterranean sea,
by this bartender
i am not kidding.

i took photos of every step
because the whole thing
was just too good to be true.
{anastasia, did this really happen??}

dear reader, i present the world's best
mallorcan mojito...

fresh mint, sugar, lime
crushed ice
ginger ale & rum

drop some mint leaves into your glass
add some sugar
squeeze in some fresh lime juice

now is the time for you to
place several ice cubes in a clean tea towel
and whack upon the rocks
i am not kidding.

add lots of crushed ice
and a shot of rum
fill the glass with ginger ale
almost done...
add a bit more crushed ice
add a straw
& garnish with a sprig of mint

salut, anastasia!
salut, bartender!
cheers, everyone!
happy sipping!


Emily said...

Holy Cow that looks amazing!
I have never heard of using ginger ale.
I always use club soda, so I will be interested to try this, because I do not like my mojitos too sweet.
What a cute bartender too! Is it just me, or does he look like the happiest lil fellow in the whole world?

catie said...

emily, the ginger ale might make it too sweet for you. all the recipes i've seen call for club soda, but my mallorcan bartender used ginger ale ♥

catie said...

...and, yes, he's one happy fella.
he's got the best bartending gig on the planet.

and although the beach was very remote {with a substantial drive, then hike}, anastasia knew him. it's a small world, after all ♥

Dawn said...

amazing..what a gig!! worth the hike for sure! never had a mojito..this sounds yummy...even better in mallorca si??

gretchen said...

Wow. What a memory you made that day. Looks like a perfect day. I wonder how many drinks he makes in a day in that remote spot!

Anastasia Egorova said...

Hahahah!!! Salut, Catie! :D

Did this really happend?...I keep asking my self the same! :) XO

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