Wednesday, July 17, 2013

good stuff at mrs. meyer's

i love mrs. meyer's.
{and this is not a sponsored post}
i have found that this works for
nearly everything i need to clean.
i dilute it in a spray bottle and use it for:
window, mirrors, floors, counters,
even toilets.
it smells like roses.

basil & lavender are my favorites.

i'm happy to see mrs. meyer's in stores
like target and walmart and winco.
that tells me that folks are catching on.

they have a new video series called
featuring individuals who are creating
community and connectedness to the earth.
see all three videos here.

there is also a giveaway that you should enter:
{last day to enter is july 21}


Dawn said...

I love mrs myers too..geranium and basil are two faves...have you smelled "radish"...really good too! I did just cheat though and bought method's tomato vine dish soap...i love it, it smells like my potager!!

Emily said...

Thanks for letting me know this!!

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