Tuesday, July 30, 2013

in love with summer

in love with these
{the smell... the taste... that we can just pick them whenever}

in love with eating outside
{salad with black bean burger & fried sage leaves}

in love with our csa
{this week's share has green beans!}

i'm having the best summer in several years.
i am usually sick of the heat & ready for fall.
not this summer.
i don't want it to end.


Emily said...

Glad your summer is going so well.
Our summer has had some mild days, which makes for a great break from the heat!
But, I am ready for fall.........

Dawn said...

I am loving summer too...haven't gone anywhere, but that's ok with the BEST weather we have had for summer in a l o n g time! I will be ready for fall by the end of August :)

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