Wednesday, July 10, 2013

:: wednesday ::

sandlot baseball
100°F / 38°C

can this count as dinner?

holy farmers,
some new music 
{that sounds like old music}
you might like.
these guys are into: 
wood burning stoves, trees, sugar snap peas, 
urban anxiety, birds, growth and decay.
you can follow adam on instagram
go here to download


Emily said...

They have a Simon and Garfunkel vibe going on!
Thanks for sharing!

catie said...

totally S&G ~ one of their instagram photos was titled "sail on silver girl" which i can only hear in S&G harmony ♥

Michele Pacey said...

Wow, the heat is nuts!

It's been hot here too but that's just crazy.

Ice cream for dinner when it's 38 degrees C. Sounds perfect! :)

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