Saturday, July 6, 2013

my thoughts

going through my days,
my thoughts always find their way
back to her.
she would have loved
she would love how long and blonde
ned's hair is getting.

we kept up with each other's lives
on a regular basis,
never letting too much time pass.
i helped her to see the humor in things.
she helped me to see things honestly.
our conversations framed our lives,
validated our friendship,
gave us the fuel to get back in there.

and now, so much has happened,
including her death.
i want to pick up the phone
and call her.
i want to talk to her about it,
about everything.

i stumbed upon this post today
with these old pictures
missy loved the sun, the sweet summertime.
today, i let the sun soak in deep.
feeling it for both of us.
feeling her warmth.
and now, i have a touch of sunburn,
warming me still.

her sister recently sent me a message,
that surprised us both
as we pieced together 
parts of the past.
it is clear to us that she is
making herself known.  
setting things up for us to discover,
these amazing coincidences.
then, earthbound,
we squint up toward the sky,
unsure where to look,
but certain that she's watching.

i missed a call the other day.
it was aliana.
but my phone told me that
missy called. 


gretchen said...

Oh Catie, she is surely loving you still...just from another place, remember? oxxoox

Dawn said...

She is watching..of that I am sure..xo

catie said...

dawn, yes, i am sure, too.

gretchen, your words bring me comfort every day. i share them with others, too. i just wish that other place had an area code & phone number : )
i know that now i must learn to trust this new language in order to communicate with her ♥

Emily said...

What Gretchen said---I believe it with all my heart.
Let her now teach you something new Catie, and remember she is now showing you more than ever, how to see things honestly. She had a strong presence on earth, and now even a bigger presence on the other side---especially when you allow yourself to feel it from her : )

Anastasia Egorova said...


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