Tuesday, July 2, 2013

feliç aniversari, anastasia!

happy birthday, anastasia!
i hope today is filled with muchos besos,
yummy treats, and all your favorite people.
he's telling you that the plums he picked are for the beach:
per la platja!

marian & i visited anastasia & her sweet family
just last week.
we had a fabulous time.
we ate delicious food:
      pa amb oli  ~  granissat  ~  rotllo de crema
we learned a little catalan: bon dia! bona nit!
anastasia's island, mallorca,
is astonishingly beautiful.

anastasia is the artist & designer behind
{which i now know is pronounced: l'accentNOW}

you can find her in her etsy shop,
though i regret to inform you
that i just bought this one-of-a-kind beauty

i saw this confetti jar still life in her studio

you can also find her at society6.
she sent me home with this
and this
{maybe now i need this}
these pillows are printed on both sides
they are works of art.

her husband, toni, played this song for me

happy birthday, my sweet friend!


Dawn said...

happy birthday to anastasia♥ i love all her new studio 6 goodies...so glad you shared how to pronounce laccentnou :)

Emily said...

What a treat to finally meet her!
Happy birthday Anatasia!

Anonymous said...

So happy
(and envious) that you could visit her and enjoy some time on her beautiful island. Hope you will share more photos of her home, studio, and the island.
Now we know the correct pronunciation ....I was saying "new".
Hope her birthday was wonderful!

Anastasia Egorova said...

Thank you so much, Catie!
Your blog post was such a warm gift, like a big hug!...But you should come back!!!!!!!! <3 <3 <3

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