Monday, December 2, 2013

added... {and a giveaway you won't want to miss!}

i have added a new blog to my blogroll
over there on the right sidebar:

A butterfly in my hair

vibeke lives in norway.
she sometimes visits my blog.
{hi, v!}
she is an artist & tea drinker.
her blog is full of inspiration,
and those on her sidebar are fun to explore.

she is having a giveaway.
this is the giveaway of giveaways.

it is an advent calendar giveaway,
where she will give away
23 beautiful, handcrafted pieces
from 23 different artists
all over the world.
{there will be one winner each day, starting dec. 6}
here's her sneak peek image:

and guess who the artist for dec. 1 is??
you have until dec. 5 to enter to win
one of her ray of light necklaces
long ago,
i bought two of these necklaces,
one for me & one for missy.
they are very beautiful
and very close to my heart.
so... go win it!  here!

and enter to win the other
beautiful treasures


emily eyer-ryder said...

I entered :)

Emily said...

Oh fun, thanks Catie!

Anastasia Egorova said...

The idea Vibeke got is truly wonderful! And your support, Catie, is as always amazing! Thank youuuuu!!!

v said...

oh...thank you so much sweetest Catie for this LOVELY post and it makes me so happy to know that you have added my blog to your bloglist : ))) it always warms my heart when someone tells me that they like my little space on-line!

i have one of Anastasia's beautiful rings and soon she is going to make me a beaded bracelet too. a Christmas present from me to me : )

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