Sunday, December 1, 2013

advent calendar, our way

today is december 1st,
and my kids would never let me forget
that our advent calendar begins today.
our "calendar" has evolved into
a snowy forest that takes over
an entire tabletop.
behind the doors,
sometimes there is candy,
sometimes there are stickers,
and sometimes there is just a note.

since the compartments are small,
i often substitute a note that tells
where i've hidden the surprise.

sometimes the note will lead to another note,
and another, and another, and finally,
the treats.

tonight, i used 4 old notes to create
a little scavenger hunt.

other old notes
they made me smile when i unpacked them today.


Emily said...

I love how they still want (need) for you to put out the calendar. Such a sweet tradition!

Dawn said...

I am not dragging out my Christmas stuff this year, but need to do an advent for my kids..they l ove it too...maybe some twine and brown bags...hhmmm :-)

v said...

wishing you and your "small ones"
a wonderful December!: )


Pam said...

no advent calendar for us this year..just couldn't get to it with the move. but i adore yours! xo

emily eyer-ryder said...

no one does christmas like my mom ILOVEYOU. counting down the days until I'm homey

Anastasia Egorova said...

this is so so sweet! Lovely december to your all!!!

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