Wednesday, December 11, 2013

rainbow loom

have you heard of
i read about it in an ad from our local toy store,
then again in the goop gift guide.
chosen by moses,
gwyneth paltrow's 7 year old son,
i figured there must be something to it.
{although the kid did pick a hamster,
and i know i don't want one of those...}

we gave a rainbow loom to ned for his birthday
two weeks ago with the idea that he could
use it to make some christmas presents.
{we also bought an extra bag of rubber bands and clips}

rainbow loom is basically a plastic "loom" to
loop and weave the little colorful rubber bands
into bracelets.
and let me tell you, it is a hit.
ned is 9 and can make the bracelets,
start-to-finish, all on his own.

marian is 14, and she loves it, too.

i'm betting emily will want to take
rainbow loom back to college with her.
{she and her friends make these}

here's a link to lots of fancy
rainbow loom patterns and tutorials.

you know you want one.

1 comment:

Emily said...

I saw this in the goop gift guide, but did not give it much thought. But, now I think it looks really cool!

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