Friday, December 13, 2013

holiday open house

today, i made 33 cotton produce bags
for casey's holiday open house
right here in boise
this saturday & sunday
december 14 & 15
11:00 - 4:00

get more details
and the address
right here


Dawn said...

oh i wish i could come! what did you use to make these?? and did you put a string through them or are they just open...i need to make some!

catie said...

dawn ~ this was the last of a HUGE box of brand new starchy towels {made in pakistan} that i bought at a thrift store years ago. i started making these bags for our farm when ned was in kindergarten {it was a BIG box}. the towels are long and thin and linen-y. i just fold them in half & stitch the sides. no drawstring, but it's perfect for a fluffy head of lettuce. flour sack towels would be perfect ♥

Emily said...

hope you sell lots and lots Catie! Good luck!

Dawn said... i did make some before out of flour sack towels from the $ store :) that I use I just thought this was a "better" towel :) help me..i just wet the bag and then put my produce in?? i need a lesson..aka "hand holding" :)

catie said...

dawn ~ get the bag soaked, then wring it out & put the lettuce inside. the moisture will keep the lettuce crisp. this will works for anything tender & leafy {parsley, cilantro} ♥

Dawn said...

perfect...thank you! xo

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