Monday, December 30, 2013

ring in the new year

things around here
have slowed to a crawl.
i am cozy at home,
eating, drinking, sleeping, reading,
and it suits me just fine.

i have spent time considering this blog,
how it serves me,
how it serves you,
how i want to continue.
i'm taking a cue
from other areas in my life
and slowing things down here, as well.

i'm reflecting on the year i've had
and setting my intention for the year ahead.

a few things to share...

this treasury:

this song:

this post:

this recipe, which i switched up to make this:
my version:
sautee an onion in olive oil
add a brick of frozen roasted tomatoes
add 2 cups french lentils
add 5 cups of water
add 2 teaspoons of better than bouillon
simmer for an hour, until lentils are tender

and these favorite ornaments on my tree:

i'm enjoying this time of year
and i hope you are doing the same.

♥ ♥
♥ ♥ ♥
here's to
peace and love,
joy and adventure,
ease and abundance,
clarity and contentment,
in 2014
♥ ♥ ♥


Pam said...

happy new year my friend to you and yours!
and please continue blogging.

Georgia said...

Happy new year Catie.Rest ,restore,reflect, and rejoice : )

Georgia said...

Happy new year Catie.Rest ,restore,reflect, and rejoice : )

Emily said...

I love visiting your blog, but I don't know how you do it! I really love that others want to blog, so I can read them. But selfishly, I could not commit the time or energy, or put myself out there. So, my point is, I will miss you if you slow down, but I totally understand. I really do. Love you! xoxo

Dawn said...

Happy new year sweet friend...I totally get the blog thing...mine has definitely taken a back you and chher to a brand new year,, xo

Emily said...

Made these lentils last night. Replaced one cup of water with white wine, and mixed in cooked brown rice in the end. YUM! The roasted tomatoes made the dish. Thanks Catie!

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