Tuesday, December 17, 2013

organic pop tarts & make your own muppets

i love home-baked breakfast treats
as much as the next guy.
well, maybe more, as evidenced
here, here, and here.
heck, we've even made our own pop tarts.
but sometimes,
{like, when marian needs to eat breakfast before hopping on the 7am bus}
i just want to make things easy.
still good & wholesome, though.
we think cherry-pomegranate
is the best flavor.
yum, in a hurry.

did you know that you can
make your own muppet?
yes, at fao schwarz you can design your own
& have it made for around $100.00
but it's fun {and free} to play with
the the online muppet maker.
i made this one
ned made these
make your own here.

you can give a gift card
so someone special can make their own.

1 comment:

Emily said...

I love muppets! But we are not big pop tart type fans here. Good to know there is a healthy choice!

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