Thursday, December 12, 2013

up, up, up

i'm not gonna lie...
this was more fun when missy
was reading my blog.

i actually think she is reading, still.
{just from another place, right gretchen?}

she's been so strong in my heart
these past few days, weeks, months.

i'm thinking about her sweet kids,
her husband,
her mother,
her sisters,
as we earthlings
edge closer and closer to christmas.

there's something so holy about
the crystal-clear cold...
the beautiful starry silence
with the moon hung just so.
i feel like she's peering down 
into my snowglobe.

i love winter.
the cold, the long nights, candles.
she loves summer.
the heat, the flowers, the river.

every solstice,
one of us would complain,
and one of us would remind the other
what is so delicious about it.

so, since it's my most delicious season,
i'm lifting up my thoughts
my love
my prayers
my grateful heart
up through the cold, dark night
to my best pal.
{photo credit: marian}


Pam said...

sending a prayer to missy's family this time of year too. and thinking of you my friend. xo

Emily said...

Beautiful. Just beautiful.

gretchen said...

Have you seen this?
oxxoo Love you,

gretchen said...

okay that didnt work. hmmm How can I share a link with you?

catie said...

gretchen, my comments show up in my inbox & the link worked there. others can copy & paste from here.

no, i had not seen this. just now learning about zach & his song. up, up, up seems to be a common theme, no? thank you, g ♥

Anastasia Egorova said...

So sweet and sad, Catie...
You both are in my thoughts every day...
hugz ♥

Dawn said...

i'm so sorry :( missy is reading your blog...keep doing it for her :) i love all your warm and cozy..xo

martha said...

this is dear.....and tender....
love the one of you cupping your mug by candleglow, thanks marian!

Anonymous said...

beautiful. i love you mama catie
<3 ann bann

catie said...

you know i love you, too.
lots and lots.
♥mama catie

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