Monday, September 30, 2013


we had to trek to nampa today
for marian's student council conference.

the drive {with a stop for coffee}
took a full hour, so i decided to just stay put,
rather than spend an extra 2 hours in the car
driving home & back again to pick her up.

it was under such circumstances
{time on my hands + several thrift stores}
that i had a good day hunting for treasures.
i've been switching all my dishes to white.
my criteria:
~ white {or cream or tan}
~ sturdy restaurant ware
~ american or european made

i love finding exactly what i'm looking for:

today it was mugs and smaller plates.

i'm keeping & using the white dishes,
but the rest are things that
will be in my etsy shop someday soon:

square cups

ornate tins

a sweet cream & sugar set

oh, and i'm keeping the apron! 


emily eyer-ryder said...

I love everything! You are so cute in your apron, and beautiful. I especially love the tins and square cups! But mainly I love you!

Emily said...

Oh yeah, you know I love the thrifty finds!
I changed all my dishes to white too, about 2 years ago. Had a big garage sale, took all the money and immediately went to William Sonoma. And, I bought plates made in France. I will always remember how you taught me that the glaze used in China has lead in it. One of many great things I have learned from you.
Glad you are keeping that apron!

Pam said...

i'm not sure if it's living in france or following french vintage style blogs..but i'm drawn to white tableware now too...especially the heavy, aged ironstone. maybe my eyes need a rest from all the color! love your apron! from about 4 pm on i'm in an apron :)

Dawn said...

I still live colorful mugs, bowls accessories, but all of my dishes have been white for years..they are in need of replacing...I think I might start the hunt for some replacements. I found a tin not too long ago without the lid and use it to hold our colored pencils! I love aprons!!

martha said...

I love those little square cups and those colorful tins too!
betcha had fun!

Anastasia Egorova said...

Love the mugs!!!

Do you wear my necklace? <<<>>>

Anastasia Egorova said...

I put LOVE in-between of <<>> but it has desappeared :)

catie said...

anastasia ~ yes, wearing ray of light. it works best with this dress & some other necklines ♥

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