Tuesday, May 25, 2010

earthly delights: csa bounty week 1

we are so very STOKED.
monday was our first csa pickup of the season.
what's a csa? 
i'm glad you asked...
csa stands for
~community supported agriculture~

here's the deal:
we pay our farmers in advance for the entire growing season,
then we get a "share" of the weekly harvest from the farm.
for us, it is a
◄scrumptious fruit & veggie subscription►
for our farmers, it is a
◄sustainable business model►
and for our community, it is a
◄vibrant local food system►

our incredibly cool farm here in boise is called
earthly delights farm
you can click here to check out the earthly delights website

these are our fab farmers, casey & lori (& norm, the dog)
casey & lori, with the help of several farm interns,
grow our food in a few urban lots & yards in northwest boise.
we are eternally grateful to them
for giving us the opportunity to be a part of something amazing.

our share from week 1:
forellenschuss lettuce head, red oak leaf lettuce head,
mizuna bunch, arugula bunch,
red giant west indian mustard greens,
pac choi, red russian kale, a big spring onion,
french breakfast radishes, flowering chives, rhubarb,
and a cherry tomato plant (to grow at home).

and here's where i might rant a bit...
do you want to make a difference in the world?
it's all about L♥Ve, really...
do you L♥Ve our planet?
do you L♥Ve where you live?
do you L♥Ve the food you eat?

share the L♥Ve by joining a csa in your town.
go to localharvest.org to find a csa farm near you.
you'll be supporting your local economy and locally grown food.
~ L♥Ve your farmer ~ L♥Ve yourself ~


Dawn said...

Wow...look at that bounty. This really makes you try things you might not have otherwise bought...I really wanted to join one this year, but with Hubby's job situation, I couldn't pull it off...so next year FO SHO!!
Thanks for turning me on to CSA's my little "earth sista!" xoxo

sewmuchwhimsy said...

Unfortunately the closest one to us is 83 miles away! boohoo!
xoxo Gretchen

Rebecca said...

Again...saying the names out loud because they just sound so good!

Especially "red giant west indian mustard greens." Yum.

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