Thursday, May 27, 2010

♥ missy ♥

i have a best friend.
her name is missy.
i have known her forever.
♥ i love her lots. ♥
after 6 long months,
t o d a y
is her
would you please celebrate this day with me?
stand up right now
and pretend like you're at a baseball game...
let's do
~the wave~
((buh-bye, cancer.))

if you want to send missy your own good wishes,
you can leave her a message in my comments below,
you can email her here:
or you can mail her a note here:
missy gruen
p.o. box 119
kneeland, ca  95549


Sandi said...

Hi Catie. :) Hi Missy. :)
bye-bye cancer. :)
Love the crown of flowers upon Missy's head. Beautiful. Beautiful. Beautiful.
Oh Happy Day....May angels walk upon your path each and every day...filling your heart and spirit with their loving presence and guidance. We are SOOOOO happy for you Missy! with love and light, (one of Catie's TeePee sisters, Sandi

Vava (aka Virginia) said...

Hullo Catie-bug. Nice to "meet" you Missy. It's a happy day and you are lovely with a crown of flowers. Been praying for your healing and strenghth. It's an honor! MUWAH! (You may have to ask Catie what that means...)

Dianne said...

Hi Catie and Missy. I am sure the two of you together are a dynamic duo. Goodbye cancer! Hello world! Are you ready for this beautiful soul to rejoin the joy that exists in everyday life, the mundane being wonderful and the wonderful being estatically joyous. Missy is back and she is ready!! xoxoxo

sewmuchwhimsy said...

Hello Missy, If you are Catie's best friend then I know you must be a dear soul. I am celebrating your goodbye to all-things-cancer today! Sunmmer's coming...let the fun begun! xoxo Gretchen

mary said...

Happy HAPPY day Missy!
Wonderful news! ~♥~

moondiva said...

Well...HELLO...I'm late to the party as usual. But Catie and Missy please know that today Deborah and the gang enjoyed Dreamcicles in your honor and to celebrate!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh Missy...congratulations!!
Great work and a wonderful celebration ahead.
You are so lucky to have Catie bug as your friend and I am sure she honors your friendship in the same way.

Missy Gruen said...

Continuously throughout this cancer journey I have been touched by the kindness and concern of others. And you ladies are no exception..thank you for the congrats, the prayers, the celebrating with me..thank you for joining in my healing circle. Dreamcicles in my honor!! Wow! And you all know it, but I just have to say it...Catie is AWESOME!!
Sending out lots of love right back at you,

Dawn said...

Thinking and praying for you on this continued healing journey~

Rebecca said...

Dear Missy,
As I write this you are just about a week away from your last treatment. Though I didn't make it on "the day" to join in the well-wishes, they are no less celebratory now. On your journey, you have climbed a mountain that many of us have never even seen, let alone tried to climb, and now you are on the other side of it, ready to walk on to the next adventures. I send you my congratulations, admiration, and a big hug through The Awesome Catie, who is just about the best best friend anyone could hope for!

I know these sweet ladies who have offered their thoughts here, and can say that without exception they are some of the warmest, kindest souls on the planet. We all wish you so much success, strength and health as you turn toward the things you have been waiting to do next. And by the way, that is the most spectacular flower crown I have ever seen - and I am a former Waldorf school Mom, so I've seen a lot of them!! xoxo

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