Saturday, January 29, 2011

have you seen?

have you seen this?
{we watched it last night, and wow, was it good}

: : : : : :

have you seen these?
{the adorableness is difficult to bear}

: : : : : :

have you seen this?
{i swear, i'd wear it every. single. day.}

: : : : : :

have you seen these?
{invented by a mom}

: : : : : :


Dianne said...

Alright, I need help. What is the little house on the mug...a cookie? a sugar cube? just an ornament?
Also what are the twist bands for...ponytails?

catie said...

hi, dianne! if you click on "this" or "these" it will take you to the right place to find out more.

the house is a cookie to eat.

the twist bands are for your hair. ♥

Emily said...

I have several twist bands and they are great! I buy them at a local store called "The Jean Bar". I loved this segment!

Pam said...

Can't wait to see that movie!! And love all your "love's"!! xoxo

jill said...

i have lots of catching up to do!!i have a few minutes to pop in here :)
we JUST watched secretariat...such a great family flick!

the headbands are adorbs too (i don't own one - but my super cute friend stephanie does and i covet it!!)

tracy certainly has some new lovelies in her collection, but holy high prices!! wow!

btw, your blog is so great, catie. i love the style of it...and what a great memoir for you and your sweet family ♥

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