Sunday, January 30, 2011

pam's herbed baguette

we had homemade soup with this

it is pam's recipe,
but i found it on dawn's blog.

it's quick.
it's easy.
it's delicious.

i used whole wheat for half of the flour
{next time i will only do 1/4 whole wheat}
also, i used fresh rosemary & parmesan cheese.


Pam said...

Yeah! We make it all the time to Catie! Isn't it so easy? I usually make one with herbs and one with out for the picky eaters in the family. So glad you like it!! xoxo

Dawn said... easy...I didn't add parmesan to mine because Lucy and I would have been the only ones to eat it :) I will add some whole wheat flour next time :)

Dawn said...

you MUST try Jill's tortilla soup recipe...OMG...tastes like a 5 star restaurant...yum!!

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