Monday, January 31, 2011

amazing orchids

i have two orchids in my kitchen window.  they bloom in the fall and the spring.  i swear, they never stop.

here is one that hasn't finished her fall blooms, but has a new flower spike nearly ready for spring.

last fall, the tip of this flower spike was somehow broken off.  i have read that you should not remove the spike until it turns completely brown.  it never did bloom, but look what is happening at the top of the spike...
it seems to have had a baby orchid.

it also has 2 new flower spikes...

the photos below are from years past. 
{march 2009}

{march 2010}

p.s. do you have any idea what to do with a baby orchid?  i will research it, but maybe it has happened to you.


jennifer said...

once the baby has aerial roots that are 2 inches long you can cut it from the stem and pot it up and then send it in the mail to your friend the horticulturist for further "study"....... seriously, those are some happy orchids. how does this window face?

catie said...

jennifer ~ this sweet baby orchid might need the touch of an expert, you are right ; )
this window faces nearly due west - the exact same direction as my former kitchen window where the pregnant orchid thrived. lots of shade trees, but still lots of light. i also give them a very diluted liquid plant food when i soak them once every week or two. ♥

Dianne said...

Catie you could charm a snake. Everythng you mother is thriving beautifully!!! I am jealous!

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