Wednesday, January 19, 2011

duck love

i haven't posted about my ducks for quite awhile.  if i'm quiet about the ducks, it is most likely because i am waiting until i see them both.  i walk almost every single day, but it has been nearly 7 weeks since i last saw patito.  i was certain she had migrated, but had faith that she would return in the springtime.

this afternoon, as i walked by,
{minding my own business}
i was very sweetly attacked by
~my sweet petites~ 
she is really dear heart.  she does a little eager hop when i bend down to feed her.  do you remember when she started flying up to eat out of my hand?  she is extraordinary.

i don't know if she's been nearby all this time or if she has just returned {the weather has warmed considerably}.  as my mom says, "it matters not, to me."  my heart if full knowing that she is happy & healthy.

and here is my beloved pip {pippa, pippi}
i see her every day.  she has a pretty steady boyfriend.  maybe i will be a ducky-grandma this spring...


this is a very special doll
that dianne made for me this christmas

since she is so clearly pro-duck,
i've been waiting to share her with you
until i could also share some ducky good news.

p.s. to see another work of art by dianne,
also posted on a blog today, look here.


Dianne said...

Catie!!! She is home. I am so thrilled to read this. I have been wanting duck news for awhile now. Thank goodness she is safe and sound. I think the hippie chick doll says it all!

catie said...

dianne ~ i knew this would make you very happy ♥

Dawn said...

oh thank goodness...our girl is home safe...I think of our visit to the ducks all the time, and wish I had somewhere to walk like that to experience everyday...and I love your Mom's saying. "it matters not, to me" ...LOVE IT!

MA said...

Oh yipee! What wonderful news -- of course she's back! She knows what side her bread is buttered....oops...wait...she may not butter her bread at all...well...if she DID butter her bread, she'd know to get it from you!
I'm so happy for you my friend!! :)
MA :)

Emily said...

These ducks will always find their way back to you Catie! Patito is a free spirit and likes to wonder, non? Would love to see Pip have some baby Pippies!

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