Friday, January 28, 2011

show & tell {& homework & i won!}

pa gave ned this nifty little airplane.
{my dad is pa ~ because 16 years ago,
emily decided that grandpa was just too long to say.}
today, ned showed his class how it flies.

{♥ we love you, pa ♥}

~:~ ~:~ ~:~ ~:~ ~:~ ~:~ ~:~ ~:~

ned absolutely loves it.
can't. get. enough.
it comes home on thursdays
and he cannot wait to get started.
it isn't due until wednesday,
but yesterday's homework was
devoured by my homework-loving boy,
and turned in this morning.
so, today,
he asked his teacher for extra homework.
i am happy to report that he brought home a
nice, fat stack of reading and math worksheets
to enjoy over the weekend.

{i am catie, and although i do not love homework,
i love that ned loves homework.}

~:~ ~:~ ~:~ ~:~ ~:~ ~:~ ~:~ ~:~

☼ i won! ☼
look here
and here
and here
help me decide.


Dawn said...

Ned, Lucy likes homework too!! and you are cute!! won!! I really like the blessed Mama necklace, but do you already have one with your kiddos names on it?? doesn't really matter :) you could have two!!

Dianne said...

I like the perched earrings and the hand stamped 5 charm bracelet with the silver beads in between.

Anonymous said...

I think the red crystal and pearl earrings would suit you. Love, Mom

Anonymous said...

Do you remember? Emily called us both Grandma and we kept saying to her GrandPA. She was so little, I think about 18 months. And she finally solved it for us by choosing to call him PA.

catie said...

i think she would call the two of you "gamma-gamma"
i do remember dad saying, "PA! grandPA!"

sewmuchwhimsy said...

I think her rings are cool!! The blessed Mama necklace reminded me of you also.

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