Monday, January 10, 2011

my favorite scent

this is what i wear everyday
auric blends "egyptian goddess"
{about $7.00 at my co-op, but you can also buy it here}
{they have other fragrances - you can even order a sample pack}

the solid perfume sits on my desk,
and i keep the roll-on in my purse.

it is affordable.
it is all-natural.
it smells familiar to me, but i can't place it.
it is my favorite.

even ned likes to wear it.
{he calls it "smell-good" as in, "can i have some smell-good?"}


Dawn said...

too funny...I just was looking on line yesterday to see if there was someplace local that carried this...I like instant gratification and didn't want to order it...I am all out of perfume, so this is what I am planning to try because my girl loves it...xoxo

p.s. I was at my WINCO today, and they had french green lentils..they have NEVER had them...I think I might have screamed a little! hee hee

Emily said...

They sell this in the natural section of my local Safeway. I may have to try it. I like light, natural smells too!

Dawn said...

Em...really??? at your Safeway?? Well...I must check mine out!

Kelly said...

Ned is precious...don't we all love a little "smell good"? I've only worn a few perfumes over the years. I'd love to try this!

Dianne said...

Dorsey wears Chance and everytime she walks in the room I is wonderful! Right now I am hooked on Clinique's "Happy"'s just such a happy smell. :)

mary said...

thanks for sharing Catie! I'll have to be on the look out for this.

Mary Beth said...

I will be on the lookout for this as well! Thanks for the tip.

catie said...

mary beth,
there is usually a tester in the auric blends display ~ i'm sure you can find it in your co-op or whole foods store ♥

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