Thursday, January 13, 2011

new favorite :: herb cheese bagels {from winco}

they have been there all along,
but we just discovered them this week...
herb cheese bagels
from our winco bakery
{in the bulk fresh bagel bins}

toasted with cream cheese,
they taste almost like a pizza.

marian took one to school
and everyone wanted to know
what the delicious smell was.

last week our toaster caught on fire
{nothing major, as i was right there to put it out}
and we are temporarily toaster-less.
that is not stopping us...
we are so in love with these bagels
that i'm using my oven broiler
to enjoy their toasty goodness.


Pam said...

What I would do for a bagel right now. I don't even need the cream cheese..just give me the bagel.

Dawn said...

I am so sorry I never shared...I buy winco bagels (a dozen) everytime I am there...the boys LOVE herb and cheese, Lucy loves the everything...they are always fresh....I try to freeze 1/2 but that doesn't always work out :)

Emily said...

Well Yum!
And guess what? I do not own a toaster.
I hate them! They get dirty and get crumbs everywhere and take up counter space.
My grandmother always made her toast in the oven, so this is the way I like to brown our bread.

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