Saturday, February 5, 2011

evening kitchen window

i love how my window looks right now,
in the fading light.

all of these things are family treasures...
the crystal wineglasses were a wedding gift
to my parents {almost 50 years ago},
the sugar bowl belonged to my great-grandmother,
the spoons, too, i think,
and the upside-down silver candlestick
{one of a pair}
was also one of my parents' wedding gifts.
the agates & other stones,
i collected over many years
at agate beach (trinidad, california).

post edit:
please see my mom's comment below 
for a corrected list of my family heirlooms.
: )


Dianne said...

I always LOVE your window! :)

Anonymous said...

The wine glasses were a wedding gift to your grandparents-75 years ago. The sugar bowl belonged to my mother and the spoons belonged to your Dad's mother. What a beautiful way to display them! Do you have a special box to store window decor? Love, Mom

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