Sunday, February 13, 2011

no-sweat valentines

we are having a very mellow sunday
finishing up our oh~so~easy valentines.

i am very thankful that i'm not
frantically baking pink frosted cupcakes
or cursing some complicated and expensive
valentine project.

ours are

ned's valentines are
tiny peat pots with flower seeds
and heart shaped marshmallows.

our grocery store had these adorable pots
{from france!}
for less than 10¢ apiece.

marian is in middle school now,
so she's just making valentines
for a few special {and very lucky} friends.
{honestly, you could not wish for a more
loyal or loving or thoughtful friend than marian}
she's also bringing flowers & heart marshmallows.

it is my hope that you, too,
do not find yourself elbow-deep
in valentine frosting on this day.


Anonymous said...

Both have great Valentines! How smart to choose easy! Love, Mom

Dianne said...

You always have the most creative ideas. I wish I was receiving one from each...they are wonderful! :)
Have you seen the ducks lately?

Pam said...

I do have to say that I sort of love being knee deep in Valentine frosting! I love Ned's valentines! so sweet! Marian's too!! xoxo

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