Tuesday, February 8, 2011

there's more than one way to fill a frame

i bought this large wooden antique frame at a garage sale {$10}.
my intent was to have a mirror cut to fit {another $40 - $50}.
it has hung empty for almost a year, which is fine with me.
i found this cool mirror/frame thingy at home goods {$16},
and it inspired this assemblage of seemingly unrelated parts...
{the burlap coffee bag was a gift from someone
who thought my kids could have sack races... i had other ideas}

{mmmmm.... texture}

{and to think, it used to be just a boring closet for winter coats}


mary said...

oooh, well done you layering queen!

Emily said...

It's awesome! And the antique frame is very unique to have!
I also love to take a smaller picture and place it inside a bigger frame, leaving wall space between the two.

jennifer said...

really beautiful catie! well done!

Dianne said...

Oh that looks great...however, anything would look wonderful on that yummy wall color. :) You are such a creative soul! Love it!

Dawn said...

WOW...this is so cool...are you kidding??/ Gunney sack races with that baby...no way! :)

sewmuchwhimsy said...

Oh you are GOOD!!!! oxoxoxo Gretchen

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