Monday, February 28, 2011

five-ten-fifteen-frugal :: baked potatoes

five-ten-fifteen-frugal tip:
~baked potatoes for dinner~

baked potatoes make a hot & tasty base
for almost anything
{think: leftovers}
our favorites include
chili, mac & cheese, chopped broccoli,
and always,
sour cream & freshly ground pepper on top.

sometimes i make a potato/salad bar,
serving everyone a potato and a bed of lettuce,
with all the toppings in the center of the table.

i always bake a few extra potatoes
for quick & easy meals later in the week.
{homefries with eggs & toast}
{potato & cheese quesadillas}

my "recipe" for baked potatoes:
1. preheat oven to 400°
2. line a rimmed baking sheet with kosher salt*
3. wash & dry potatoes
4. pierce potatoes with a knife
5. slather potatoes with softened butter
6. bake on top of salt for 1 hour

*baking on salt prevents soggy-bottomed potatoes.
just brush the salt off before serving.

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if you move to idaho,
you could celebrate the frugal goodness of baked potatoes
every single day of the year with one of these:

extra credit:  tell me...
what do YOU put on your baked potatoes?


Dianne said...

Anything in the fridge is fair game for the potato...but my fav is sour cream topped with raisens.

catie said...

dianne, did you invent this?

Emily said...

I don't eat dairy anymore, but when I did, I loved to top potatoes with cottage cheese!

mary said...

mmmmm...I love a baked potato with butter, some melted, shredded cheddar & a dab or two or sour cream. :)

Dawn said...

mmm...I haven't had a baked potato in a lllooonngggg time...I will add these to my menu next week! Thx Catie..we are having your vegetarian taco casserole tastes like a yummy bean dip!

Anonymous said...

I've replace sour cream in our house with plain yogurt. That's what I choose. The kids....ranch dressing. I claim them anyway. :)

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