Wednesday, February 2, 2011

yes, ma'am {& ned got a letter!}

{i am so proud of him!}

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

ned loves to get the mail everyday.
it's usually boring stuff.
but today, there was a letter in the box for him.
it was from this sweet girl.

inside the letter was a fortune telling fish.
it said that ned is in love. 


jennifer said...

ned is a very considerate reader! i love how he gives his audience ample time to appreciate the illustrations......i will show this video to genevieve...

Dianne said...

Ned is so eager to learn. I hope his grandparents saw this video.
What a great person to receive mail from ... Lucy Joy! That would put a smile on any face. The perfect duo. Should we say a match made in heaven? He loves to learn and build and she loves to cook and model clothes. Sounds good to me. :)

Dawn said...

oh..I was just scrolling through your blog for recipe :) and saw this post...I missed it...Lucy is sooo happy Ned loved his card! and a good reader too! xoxo

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