Wednesday, February 16, 2011

: : : snow : : :

there just has not been enough snow here.
i am envious of the giant snowstorms
in the midwest & on the east coast.
i haven't had enough winter.

as if to mock my unmet personal snow quota,
it was 60° here yesterday.

today, though, the weather changed.
the kids left for school in sweatshirts {no coats},
but by mid morning,
the wind kicked up,
the temperature plummeted,
: : : and, thankfully, it snowed : : :

later this afternoon,
we even had some crazy-violent thunder blizzard.
{marian got caught outside in it & scared us both}

i am doing my level best to conjure more snow.
i read this book tonight
the boy in the story is a snow fan, like me.
the grownups attempt to dash his hopes
by saying things like, "it'll melt."
but he gets his snow.

i love the illustrations, and this is my favorite
that sky...  those rooftops...

c'mon, snow.


Dawn said...

oh I am right there with you...they mentioned rain/snow here for the next couple of days...I woke up this morning SURE the streets would be white, and NOTHING! Oh how I hope later this afternoon. Maybe I should read a Snow book too!

catie said...

yes, dawn, by all means, read a snow book!
it worked for me ~ we have snow white frosting on our streets & trees & rooftops this morning!
yay! ♥

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