Tuesday, February 15, 2011

WARNING: boring post about purse organization

i just thought you should know that
ahead of time.

in case you are looking for something more,
i don't know, jazzy... or funky,
look here and here.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

and now, my purse...

i have a little system, see?
my system is 3 zippered pouches.
different sizes,
different colors,
different stuff inside.
with them, i can find what i'm looking for.
they keep my purse orderly.
which, in turn,
keeps my brain orderly.
{less chaos ~ more peace}
they also make it easy to switch purses.

purple purse {side view}

purple purse {bird's-eye view}

{exhibit A}
the other stuff
planner, shopping bag, sunglasses, gloves, wet wipes

{exhibit B}
my system
the real reason for this post...
three zippered pouches: green, pink, blue

contents of zippered pouches

blue pouch: my phone

pink pouch: make up
lip gloss, perfume, hair things, nail clippers

green pouch: money
wallet, coupons, lists & pen, quarters

works for me.
what works for you?


Anonymous said...

They would all fit nicely into a real purse organizer which I know you own. Love, Mom

Dawn said...

oooh this could work for me...I have a couple zippered pouches in there now...but need to get all the loose ends into a designated pouch, and I will be in business! thanks for the "funky and jazzy" love...xoxo

Dawn said...

oh and P.S.
1. this was NOT boring...I love this kind of stuff
2. I love your purple purse
3. I love your new profile pic
4. I love U!

Sandi said...

oh... this is GOOD stuff Catie! :) I have one (or two) little bags inside my purse (and actually just did this recently to help me stay more peacefully organized.) :) and it seems to be helping. Love your purple bag! and your different size, different colors bags for INSIDE your purple bag (or whatever other color bag you place them in.) Nope. Not boring AT ALL. :) love San

Vava (aka Virginia) said...

SO not boring! I have one of those purse organizer-things. BUT! I'm thinkin' I like your tips better! And do tell: where did you get those cool pouches? You rock!

catie said...

mom ~ yes, i DO have a real purse organizer, don't i? : ) thought i'd share my "other" system before i tried a new one.

dawn ~ thanks for letting me add your jazzy/funky links.

sandi ~ yes, peace is the goal & the colors do help me find things fast.

virginia ~ those pouches are from my emily... i think she found them at MOMA years ago. the label says "gecko traders" ~ here's a link

catie said...

although any kind of zippered set would work, i do love mine. they seem to be universally out of stock.
here's a link to uncommon goods. ♥

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