Tuesday, February 1, 2011

♫ in the most delightful way ♫

ned has an ear infection.
he has to take yucky medicine.
but, no spoonful of sugar for my boy.
he likes to chase his amoxicillin with
crunchy balls
and he doesn't care that they are leftover from halloween.
would you?


Dawn said...

oh Ned...I am so sorry...ear infections are the worst!! hop you got Lucy's card...I am glad she sent it early now!!

Pam said...

Feel better little Ned! And whoppers are my fave! I get them all the time at the movies! xoxo

moondiva said...

Hope he's feeling better! Left over?? makes them even MORE crunchy!!! ^..^ ;Deb

jill said...

i hope ned is feeling much better by now. crunchy balls are favs in our house too!!

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