Monday, February 21, 2011

☼ zip-a-dee-doo-dah ☼

do you remember when i won this giveaway?
well, that was the beginning of this
i had this made for my best friend,
♥ missy ♥
it was custom-made by amber from timeless treasures.
for more about her work and etsy shop, see my p.p.s. below.

zip-a-dee-doo-dah is missy's theme song.

even in the most trying times,
there's a fat little bluebird on her shoulder.
{thank you, sandi, for sharing your bluebird} 

missy is on her way to chicago tomorrow
to focus on healing & restoring her body.
beam her with love and prayers
and all the zip-a-dee-doo-dah you can muster.

for the history of zip-a-dee-doo-dah, look here.

missy's necklace is the work of amber

here are a few of the things that amber makes...

amber was so easy to work with.
she did an incredible job
and made missy's necklace just the way i wanted.
for etsy custom orders,
the seller's contact button takes you to conversations,
where you can quickly & easily send messages {convos} back & forth
to come up with a design & a price you are both happy with.

with all of amber's fonts & finishes & metals,
the possibilities are limitless.

what would you stamp into sterling silver?
a special phrase to carry with you always?
the names of your children?
your wedding date?
a lucky number?

for my readers only,
she is offering 10% off when you mention my blog.

{thank you, amber!}


Sandi said...

Sweet, Incredible, Magical Catie-bug... HOW I love you. And ALL that you are. I LOVE what you have created for Missy here. Amazing love. Amazing creativity from Amber. I am BEAMING UP amazing love and light and wellness beams of light and love for Missy. (I've been on the receiving end of some of these 'beams' and my heart will be FOREVER grateful.) (Thank you for including my sweet little bluebird here) :) MUCH LOVE and Light to you sweet Catie... xoxoxo San

Dianne said...

Missy is being remembered in my prayers as are you sweet Catie. What a wonderful necklace for you to have made for her. I am not surprised at all. You are amazing!

Emily said...

Missy will so so love this necklace.
And the meaning is beautiful.
Here's to Missy, and here's to her healing!

Dawn said...

What a wonderful testament to your friendship. I love this so much!
Praying for Missy and her health ♥

Pam said...

Catie you are a true friend. Saying a prayer for good health for Missy. xoxo

jill said...

catie, i love that she has this as her theme song - it says a lot about her and her attitude... the necklace is so preious! i love how it turned out. i will keep her in my thoughts and prayers for healing and good days ahead.

Anonymous said...


I love my necklace..and my awesome friend Catie. Thank you my friend for all you are..I love you tremendously.

I am touched by all the healing thoughts and prayers as well...and very grateful.

Wiki left out the fact that Michelle Shocked did a cover of Zippity...and it's a fun one!

Sending bluebirds out to you all...

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