Wednesday, February 23, 2011

cincinnati chili :: vegetarian style

if you have ever been to cincinnati, ohio,
then you have most likely tried
- cincinnati chili -
a little-known regional specialty.
a chili like no other.

back in the early 80's,
my family moved from orange county
to cincinnati.
we were immediate chili fans,
frequenting skyline & gold star.

now that i'm all grown up and far from cincinnati,
i order the chili spice mix by the case.
{you can order it here}
my kids, who have never even been to ohio,
love cincinnati chili.

to make it,
i combine the spice mix with
water, tomato paste,
and veggie crumbles {in lieu of meat}.

the chili simmers for a couple hours.

i heat the beans {"pinquintos"},
cook the spaghetti,
grate the cheese,
slice the bread,
mince the onions.

here's how i serve it:

1. spaghetti

2. chili

3. beans

4. cheddar cheese {grated "skinny"}

5. onions & bread 

it is a family favorite,
and i make it my personal mission to
share the love and convert my friends.
{perhaps YOU are one such friend.}

want the wiki-lowdown on cincinnati chili?
look here.


Anonymous said...

Your chili is known in Cincinnati as a "5 Way." "Without onions, it is a "4 Way" and without cheese a "3 Way."

Jessica said...

I remember when you gave me this to try. My tummy is rumbling looking at it. Tonight I'm making you vegetarian casserole for "Meatless Monday". Mmmmmm can't wait!

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