Wednesday, June 22, 2011

:: fruit smoothie popsicles ::

we make lots of fruit smoothies.
berries, bananas, peaches, pineapple, 
you name it.
i don't use a recipe,
just a balance of fresh & frozen ingredients
plus liquid {juice, milk, rice milk, yogurt}.

in the summertime,
i like to freeze a few for hot afternoons.
they are 100% natural, no sugar added,
no artificial colors or flavors.
if i bought these at the grocery store,
they would be pricey popsicles.
made at home, they cost next to nothing
and are super wholesome.

the daily rosa
in the grass,
against my foot,
under a washcloth.


Dianne said...

I want a Rosa!

Sandi said...

oh. I REALLY am in LOVE with sweet little ...oh SO precious Rosa. Catie.. she could not have picked a more PERFECT and LOVING mother. God bless you both (but they He already HAS.) :)

martha said...


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