Wednesday, June 29, 2011

a walk in the {water}park

today, i took ned & marian
to roaring springs waterpark
i would like to think 
that you earn a special place in heaven
when you take your kids to a waterpark.

have you ever tried a spudstick?
a spiral cut potato fried on a stick.
i recommend the sour cream & chive flavor.
i don't think this fits in the crazy sexy diet.
oh well.

~daily ducka~
rosa stayed home alone.
we made sure to leave the radio on for her.


Anonymous said...

The water park does give you jewels in your heavenly crown...I promise!

Hello sweet Rosa!
xoxo Dianne

Dawn said...

yes...waterparks = extra jewels fo sho!! our closet is a couple hours away :)

emily said...

The chip look yummy. Is mimmy gonnabgo to h2overload this summer?

sewmuchwhimsy said...

I think waterparks earn almost as many points in heaven as does taking your child to see Pokemon movies! xoxo Gretchen

martha said...

rosa with the radio...charming..i love her photos!
I want a spudstick!
Water parks do make everyone sleep extra hard tho!! :)

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