Tuesday, June 28, 2011

vegan cookie dough balls {from oh she glows}

{perfect for summer because they are no-bake and frozen}
my friend emily told me about oh she glows.
a really great blog with loads of recipes.
and i immediately honed in on this one.

yes, you will want to try these.
whether or not you care that they are vegan,
they are outrageously delicious.

rosa: the daily duck
here she is standing on marian
{who returned today from a super fun week with grandma & pa}

a well-balanced duck is a happy duck


Dawn said...

These look yummy...I followed her Green Monster Movement for awhile but then lost the link, I love her blog...I must get what I need for these...did you use spelt flour or whole wheat??

I ♥ rosa!!

catie said...

i used whole wheat flour.
i also used regular chocolate chips because that's what i had.
here's a link to her green monster movement

p.s. rosa ♥'s you, too!

Julie Johnson said...

Yum! Off to check out this site! Thank you!! I've been vegan for 2 1/2 years...and LOVE baking. Can't wait to try these!

catie said...

you are in for a BIG treat.
i think all of angela's recipes are vegan and they all look incredible.

Pam said...

Catie...thanks for the link to her blog! I love it! We will e making these this summer fo sho!! Hi Rosa!! xoxo

Dawn said...

made these!! delish!!!...Toby and Lucy LOVED them, as did I...the boys haven't tried them yet, but they will be fooled, no doubt!

Emily said...

Haven't tried them yet, but I'm glad you did! Don't ya just love her?

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