Friday, June 10, 2011

:: vitality :: bounce ::

inspired by kris carr's book crazy sexy diet,
i have added some seriously fun
to my daily routine.
{i'm still walking 30 minutes every day}

you can purchase a little "rebounder"
{a tiny trampoline for indoor use}
but since i have a giant trampoline
staring at me from my own backyard,
i figure i can easily sneak in a few
cheerleading maneuvers while the soup simmers.

here's what kris says about it:
as you bounce, the alternation of weightlessness and gravitational pull gently squeezes your cells.  this massages and stimulates the lymphatic drainage points, allowing for better elimination and increased oxygen.  rebounding boots metabolism, improves circulation, helps digestion, and is extremely gentle on your joints.
here's what i say about it:
it's a terrific way to convince the neighbors you are completely nutso,
and it's laugh-out-loud fun.

mary beth of salt and chocolate
was similarly inspired.
check her out here.

got a trampoline?
get jumping!


moondiva said...


Diane said...

Wow are quite a gymnast. So much and btw you are too cute!

MA said...

Wow! I wish you were my neighbor...I'd be nutso with you! :)

Dawn said...

YOU are so flexible!!!
I wouldn't think you were nutso if you were MY neighbor!!

Emily said...

I first read about rebounding in "Fit for Life" 22 years ago. But, I have had surgery on both my big toes and my doctor says no running, tennis or trampolines of all things!!!! Keep up the good work, it is supposed to be so good for the lymphatic system!!

Mary Beth said...

Oh, lovely! It is so nice to have you "joining" me! Too bad we _aren't_ neighbors--we could say "hi" to each other over the fence while we bounce!

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