Sunday, June 5, 2011

music {picture this}

boise has a few really good radio stations.
by really goodi mean 
you never know what's coming.
classic rock?  80's techno?  weepy ballad?
and on occasion, i like to turn it up loud.
the pedestrians & cyclists we pass
sometimes rock along with us.

please picture this vehicle rolling through town,
a 40-year-old lady behind the wheel,
a couple of kids in the back,
a load of groceries,
and these songs booming out the open windows,
as they were yesterday afternoon:


Anonymous said...

You Rock! When we first moved there, I listened to a GREAT station, rock and alternative....discovered Alanis Morisette that way. Boise's a great place fo sho.

Emily said...

I love to jam to a good song! These are both good ones!

sewmuchwhimsy said...

That visual of you rocking the mini van just makes me smile! xoxo Gretchen

catie said...

gretchen ~ i like to call it a MAXI van : )

Dawn said...

bahahahahahaha....MAXI van....I love you rockin Mama!!

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