Wednesday, June 1, 2011

rhymes with vegetarian

dear mr. 6th grade science teacher,

it has come to my attention
that the frog dissection lesson is upon us.
my daughter, marian {rhymes with vegetarian},
who is in your 8th period class,
feels very strongly
that she does not want to participate.
she has been a vegetarian for several years
and has a soft heart
when it comes to animals of any kind.
is there an alternate project she could complete?
i am more than willing to have her work at home.
maybe something like this
{knitting in biology 101}:

i hate to be a thorn in your side
at this late date in the school year, 
but i do want to support my daughter
when it comes to something
she feels this strongly about.

thank you,
marian's sympathetic mother


MA said...

Good for you - and Marian...And I LOVE that frog!!! I would love it even more if YOU and MARIAN did it! :)

Emily said...

Will love to see the science teacher's response!
I think her feelings about this should be honored!

martha said...

How did things turn out?
You are the best mom, Catie!
Holly too is a vegetarian, tho she eas chicken and fish

catie said...

this was the email i sent her teacher yesterday.
he called me immediately & graciously said she could choose another project. he was very understanding.
do you remember the part in E.T. when elliot's class is about to do a frog dissection? each student puts a live frog in a jar, but before they poison & kill the frogs, he sets them all free. go, elliot!

sewmuchwhimsy said...

Marion ROCKS!! And so does her mom! And so does Mr. 6th grade science teacher! xoxo Gretchen

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