Tuesday, June 14, 2011

:: vitality :: green smoothies ::

i know that people everywhere are sneaking
spinach & kale into otherwise normal
fruit smoothies, but
have you tried this?

slightly sweet & refreshing,
and not at all gross, i promise.

toss in your blender & whirl away:
kale and/or romaine
pear or apple or banana
water or coconut water
a little apple juice or stevia to sweeten
{protein & green powders are perfect in this, too}

dawn likes them, too.

read more about them here.


Pam said...

and Pam has yet to try them...It's on my to do list. :)

catie said...

i just KNOW that pam will love them!

Emily said...

We've gotten where we can't do our mornings without these lovelies! But, we haven't tried avocados ours mine yet.

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