Tuesday, June 21, 2011

how to be really, really happy

1. find a best friend
2. do fun stuff together for 50 years
my mom & dad were here this weekend.
they jumped on the trampoline,
and took marian with them when they left.
{they will fly her back next week ~ hi, marian♥}
our house was the very last stop 
on a two-week road trip
celebrating their
♥ 50th wedding anniversary ♥
i asked my mom to sum up their trip:
We left Las Vegas, traveled to New Mexico visiting my sister, going on to Amarillo, Texas, to visit a friend.  On to Indiana to see our newest grandchild, son & wife, then to my childhood home to visit my brother & family.  We left from there as we did on our honeymoon to drive to Chicago where we spent 2 nights just as we did on our honeymoon.  
Since it was raining, we did not go to a baseball game as we did on our honeymoon.  From Chicago, we drove through Wisconsin & Minnesota to upper Michigan and Mackinac Island and then back to Marshall, Michigan where we ate at the same restaurant that we did on our honeymoon, this time with my Aunt Carmen.  
From there we drove to Goshen, Indiana, where we visited with friends.  When we were on our honeymoon, we returned to Goshen to live for the summer until your Dad went into the Army.  This time, we left Goshen and drove through Illinois, Wisconsin, South Dakota to see Mt. Rushmore and then on through Wyoming into Idaho to Boise to visit you.  
After that, back through Nevada home to Las Vegas.  
18 days, 5915 miles, Lots of Memories.

they are the best.
i love them very much.
happy anniversary, mom & dad.

p.s. here is the daily rosa


Pam said...

it should be that simple shouldn't it to spend 50 years together. do fun stuff. :) they look like the best parents! love the daily rosa. xoxo

Emily said...

Your parents are adorable! Happy 50th to them!!!

Anonymous said...

Happy 50th to a precious couple!
Loving Rosa more each day. :)
xoxo Dianne

jill said...

this post brought tears to my eyes. how very inspirational - i love reading about their road trip! ♥happy 50th anniversary catie's mom and dad!♥

love seeing sweet rosa updates. xoxo

MA said...

Catie - What beautiful post!! I can tell where you you got all your love! :)
Happy Anniversary Catie's Mom and Dad! :)

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