Friday, August 17, 2012

a chandelier {in an unlikely place}

marian registered for classes yesterday.
she was assigned a locker
and wasted no time moving in.
you do have a chandelier in your locker,
don't you?
thank you, grandma, for the sparkly chandelier.
{it holds on with strong magnets and has a motion-sensor setting}

marian & her friend made locker collages

check out the view from her locker

just a sliver of summer left.
cheerleading starts on monday.
school starts the following tuesday.


Dawn said...

oh I WISH I had a locker...never have seen anything like it ...sooo fabulous!

Anonymous said...

Oh what a cool grandma!!!!!
Makes me want a locker!!!
Have a great school year Marian. xo

Emily said...

So, so fabulous!!!!!! Have a great year Marian.

Denise said...

That is quite a locker, Marian! Lovely!! Hope you have a wonderful year.

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