Wednesday, August 29, 2012

first-day-of-school presents

my goodness, what fun!

and if your first day of school is a bummer,
there's a present waiting for you at home.

grandma & pa never disappoint with
their special first-day-of-school presents
so much happiness packed inside
ned pointed out that these were
made with real fruit juice

this truck drives over anything

in marian's bag, was this snappy blazer

in ned's bag, was this stripey shirt
thank you, grandma & pa!
their presents
♥ ♥ ♥

in our planetboxes today:
salad & bread,
grapes & pluots,
pirate's booty {curious?}
and gummy worms


Anonymous said...

Moe-ry looks super cute! I love the outfit. I wish I could have that for lunch. You're the best mamma catie <3 miss and love you xoxo
<3 annbann

catie said...

hi, annbann!
i am so glad that you are reading my blog
even when you are off at college : )
MOE-rye was really rocking the blazer, no?
miss you & love you a big bunch ♥

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