Wednesday, August 22, 2012

:: herb garden tables ::

earlier this month,
i saw these incredible outdoor
:: herb garden tables ::
at the farm restaurant
in park city, utah
it was morning, so the restaurant was closed,
but i really wanted to know more.
so, i flagged down the nearest person...
who just happened to be the table-maker, himself.
he told us that he was commissioned to make these 
in under 48 hours for a big dinner party in park city
held annually in june, savor the summit boasts
an enormous continuous dinner table running
down the center of main street,
with local restaurants serving their own stretch of table.
he walked us through dimensions & measurements
and told us they were made of cedar.
i admire someone who can come up with something
totally amazing while the clock is ticking.
a design challenge, for sure.

can you believe these tables?!
i took LOTS of pictures in the hopes
of making my own someday.
yes, even pictures of the underside

i want these in my backyard.
don't you?


Michele Pacey said...

that's pretty darn cool!

Anastasia Egórova said...

Very cool idea!
Thanks for sharing, Catie! :)

Dawn said...

YES...I do want one in my backyard!! My father-in-law is moving back to WA hopefully by next summer, and I am thinking he might love a project..hee hee!!

Angie said...

These are way cool! I've seen some on pinterest that are similar but are wine bottle holders in the middle.

Anonymous said...

that is really, seriously cool. maybe one with flowers too... -em

Lazy Susan said...

Great! Thanks for taking pictures of those herb tables, making it easier for readers to make their own as well. It's truly a unique table centrepiece and at the same time, a conventional little garden.

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