Saturday, August 18, 2012

art-paper-scissors :: t-shirt shopping bag

no, it's not a tank top, it's a
infinitely useful and staggeringly eco-friendly,
it is quite possibly the quickest project ever.
make one today over at
right here


Introverted Art said...

This is an amazing idea and use of an old t-shirt. Of course, with the added bonus of being super Earth friendly.

Anastasia Egórova said...

This is so fun, Catie! I never had imagined this way to make a bag! Cool!

Michele Pacey said...

T-shirt shopping bags are an idea I've been meaning to try myself. Thanks for the reminder Catie!

Dawn said... know I love this!!!

catie said...

yay! this one is a crowd pleaser!
send me photos of the bags you make & i'll post them here. ♥

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